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Coronavirus together!

The WHO confirmed the COVID-19 outbreak is now a pandemic, calling for all countries to take stricter control measures and prepare for an outbreak in their countries. The epidemic broke out in many places across the world and keeps spreading, and some countries are suffering gravely from it. Many countries are in a severe shortage of masks, protective suits and disinfectant.

Adhering to the development concept of “Safety, Integrity, Fraternity and Sharing”, HRH is ready to contribute to the global response. HRH has negotiated and cooperated with domestic factories with qualifications of producing anti-epidemic products. At present, HRH has successfully contracted with manufacturers and can provide masks, protective suits and disinfectant to our overseas partners.

The epidemic situation remains grim and complex, HRH is willing to contribute to the global fight against the epidemic, providing high-quality services to companies or institutions in need of anti-epidemic products around the world.

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